Earth brochures


Brochure Design Here's a couple designs. Read More
Kangaroo Posters

Poster Design

Poster Design Here's a general assortment of poster design. I can make posters in any size or format. Name your topic. I'm down. Read More
2 Roses Family Restaurant in Farmington, MI

2 Roses

2 Roses Restaurant This was a logo design and menu update for a cute restaurant in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I recommend the crepes. Worth the trip. Read More
Bentley Small

The Bentley

The Bentley Library I've done a variety of projects for the Bentley over the years. Being a historical library, I often get to incorporate older images into modern pieces. Very fun. Read More

Publication Design

Magazines... This is a fundraising magazine for an institute at Harvard and a sampling from the department section of LSA Magazine. Read More